Fume Hood
This range of Fume Hoods is used for fast ventilation of fumes, dust and toxic gases generated inside laboratories. Advanced features, adjustable parameters and reliable operation are the main factors of these systems.
Lab Furniture
Offered array of Lab Furniture is appreciated for its long lasting quality and ergonomic look. Fabricated from GI or 304 grade SS material, these products are known for their space saving capacity.
Clean Room
Clean Rooms are basically suitable space with controlled temperature needed for conducting different tests. These rooms are thermally and acoustically insulated. Precise diameter and germ free air quality are some of their main features.

Laboratory Equipment
This collection of Laboratory Equipments is known for its application specific design and long lasting quality. Standard of these products has been verified on the basis of their raw material choice and longevity.

Anti Vibration Table
Anti Vibration Tables are used as reliable solution to ensure reading accuracy of different measurement instruments. These systems have extensive application in laboratory, food processing, metallurgy and in mold making fields.

Insulated Puf Panel
Insulated Puf Panel are light weight and highly durable corrugated sheets that are made by using polyurethane and fibers that are sandwiched together to provide superior mechanical as well as thermal properties that make them suitable for constructional applications.
Pre Fabric Aided Structure are ready made constructional elements that are used to construct small to large sized cold storages and other structures. These panels are made up by using best in class fiber reinforced polyurethane which results in excellent temperature and pressure resistance.

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